#2414 Double Burner Stove (tabletop)

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  • Model: 2414
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • Manufactured by: Butterfly

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Butterfly Brand #2414 2-Burner Kerosene Stove

This stove was used all over America up until the 1950s when the power grid was extended to rural areas.  It was sold in Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs.  Due to popular demand, I am now selling the Butterfly Model 2414 2-burner stove.  Unlike the multi-wick stoves on my website, these burners use a single flat wick that is formed into a circle and pushed down into the burner, so the wick burns from its edge.  The 2414 has the glass fuel bottle located off to the right side, away from the heat of the two burners.  Kerosene flows from the bottle into the black fuel rail on the bottom, then up into both burners where the wicks are saturated.

Each burner delivers approximately 7k btus of heat - about the same as a small burner on an electric or gas range.  The option #2421 Oven fits perfectly on either burner.  Each burner has a valve that can be used to restrict the amount of fuel flowing to the wick.  The flame does not respond immediately to changes if the fuel flow, due to the design.  If you want to decrease the flame height by closing the valve, there is still an ounce or two of fuel in the burner and in the fuel rail between the valve and the burner, so the flame has to consume some of that fuel before it will adjust to the lower flow.  If you want instant heat adjustment, opt for one of our multi-wick stoves (#2487, A822, #2698, etc.).  Also, the valve design is not sophisticated and I do not guarantee that it will shut off the fuel completely.  Besides, the rest of the world mostly gets by without valves to regulate heat output on their stoves, so you can learn to move the pot to the side for less heat, too!

This stove is NOT assembled, but assembly is straightforward.  The wicks that come to me from the manufacturer contain asbestos (asbestos wicks are still the wicks of choice in most of the world because they last a very long time).  For that reason, I replace the manufacturer's wicks with fiberglass wicks.  If you prefer to receive the asbestos wicks, I will send them to you with your order at your request.  Just don't give them to the kids to play with.  Fiberglass wicks will generally last about a year with daily use.  Asbestos wicks can last for several years.

Dimensions (approx)

Stove is about 12" tall, 10" deep and 22" wide.  Counting the fuel bottle, the width is about 30".  Once I assemble one, I will update this page with proper dimensions.


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