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Price: $34.00

  • Model: AquaMetixGB6
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aqua Cera

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Now Manufactured in the USA!

The AquaMetix GB Carbon Block is a black, solid carbon block filter that removes fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chromium, heavy metals and about 200 other chemicals.  It does not have a ceramic shell (like the AquaMetix 7" and 9" Ceramic Candles).  It is intended to be used with treated municipal water supplies (which are almost always bacteria-free).  Carbon Block filters are not rated for bacterial removal.  We are aware that one well-known water filter company sells a black carbon block candle and claims both bacterial and virus removal, but there are many global manufacturers of carbon block filters and none of them claim bacterial or virus removal.

If your water comes from a municipal supplier, it has been chlorinated to kill bacteria, plus it is probably fluoridated.  Our AquaMetix GB Carbon Block filter will remove the chlorine and fluoride, plus just about every other chemical. 

You DO NOT need an add-on fluoride filter with the AquaMetix GB because it removes 97.5% of the fluoride.

Each candle is shipped with a rubber washer and wing nut.

NOTE:  The price displayed on this page is the MAP (minimum advertised price) required by the manufacturer.  Our price is lower.  To view our price, add the filter to your cart, then View Cart.

Why Buy the AquaMetix GB Carbon Block Filter?

  1. Best Candle Available for Municipal Water - it removes all the common chemicals, as other manufacturers' candles do, but it also removes Fluoride and Heavy Metals - all in one candle - no add-on candles required.
  2. Lower Priced - the price per candle is lower than most of our competitors, and no other brand can remove fluoride without adding an expensive second filter.
  3. Made in America - AquaMetix is made in America.  Ask the manufacturer of YOUR brand candle what country it is made in.  Some will not even tell you . . . . which actually DOES tell you where they're made.


  • No Priming, or Pre-Wetting procedures
  • >95% Chloramine reduction - 3ppm challenge (reduces both the chloramine, monochloramine, and ammonia
  • >95% Lead reduction
  • >99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction
  • >98% VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) reduction
  • >98% THM's (Trihalomethanes) reduction
  • >98% Heavy Metals reduction
  • >95% Chromium reduction
  • >85% Fluoride reduction - All types - Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate & sodium fluoride.

This 6" ceramic candle will fit in all of our water filter bodies, including the Travel size and XSmall size. They can also be used in all sizes of virtually every other brand of gravity water filters.

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