AquaMetix 7" Heavy Metals and Fluoride - USA!

Price: $42.00

  • Model: AquaMetixCeramic7
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aqua Cera

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Now Manufactured in the USA!

The AquaMetix candle removes the same bacteria and chemicals as the CeraGravPlus candles, but it also removes fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, chromium and heavy metals.  With other brands, you must add a second candle (below the primary candle) to catch the filtered water and remove the fluoride.   The AquaMetix is a 2016 major upgrade from the CeraMetix candles previously sold on this website.  The granular carbon and assorted resins on the inside of the ceramic (which remove the chemicals, fluoride, heavy metals, etc.) has been replaced with a 3.5" solid carbon block.  This results in higher percentages of all chemicals being removed and makes the AquaMetix Ceramic candle the absolute best candle available anywhere.

Each candle is shipped with a rubber washer and wing nut.  This candle is 7" long and 2" in diameter.

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Why Buy the AquaMetix?

  1. Best Candle Available - it removes all the common chemicals, as other manufacturers' candles do, but it also removes Fluoride and Heavy Metals - all in one candle - no add-on candles required.
  2. Lower Priced - the price per candle is lower than most of our competitors, and no other brand can remove fluoride without adding an expensive second filter.
  3. Made in America - AquaMetix is made in America.  Ask the manufacturer of YOUR brand candle what country it is made in.  Some will not even tell you . . . . which actually DOES tell you where they're made.


90.3% Chloramine reduction
95.2% Chlorine reduction
98.7% Lead reduction
92.2-99.7% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction
99.5% Chromium reduction
95.2% Chlorine reduction
99.9% Glyphosate reduction
92-99.7% VOC's reduction
95.2-99.4% Heavy metals reduction
92.4% Nitrates reduction
97.5% Fluoride reduction
Reduction of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chloramines, chlorine, cysts, fluoride, lead,mercury, nickel, radionuclides, silver, tri-halomethane, volatile organic compounds and zinc
Silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth on the ceramic
Absolute pore size .5 Micron.  99.9% effective at .2 Micron

This 7" ceramic candle will fit in all of our water filter bodies INCLUDING the Travel size and XSmall size. They can also be used in most sizes of virtually every other brand of water filters.

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