Fuel Bottle for Butterfly Model 24xx Stoves

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  • Model: 24xx-FuelBottle
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Butterfly

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Replacement Fuel Bottle and Cap for Butterfly Brand Model 24xx Kerosene Stoves

If you have a Butterfly Brand stove with model number beginning with 24, this is the replacement fuel bottle.  It includes the spring-activated cap/valve.

This bottle fits models 2413, 2414, 2415, 2416, 2417, 2418 and 2419.

I no longer sell these stove models.  When I reopened after the fire, I had to cut back on the number of products I sell.  These stoves come to me unassembled, 2 to a box.  I have to sort through all the parts, wrap and repackage them in separate boxes, then ship in large boxes that are heavy and costly to ship.  Another issue is that these stove models are a much older design than the newer multi-wick stoves, and while they look cool, they are not as easy to cook with as the newer stoves are.  The newer multi-wick stoves offer higher heat output, instantly adjustable heat output, and lower prices for the customer.  You can purchase two of the #2487 16-wick 10,500 BTU stoves for less money than the model #2418 double burner 7,000 BTU stove.  That's 50% more heat, instantly adjustable heat, at a lower price.  The 24xx series did offer double and triple burner stoves on stands, which was nice.  If you need a stand, a small table, book shelf or homemade stand will do the trick.

I no longer sell replacement wicks for the 24xx model stoves.  Replacement wicks can be purchased at this website: http://www.milesstair.com/by_make/Butterfly_2688_Cook_Stove.html


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