Kerosene Pressure Lantern #828

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  • Model: 828-Lantern
  • Shipping Weight: 9lbs

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Butterfly Model 826/828 Pressurized Kerosene Lantern

The Butterfly pressure lantern is an extremely bright lantern that can light up a very large room. It is as bright as 3-4 100-watt light bulbs (using 500 CP mantles, included). They attain their brightness because they vaporize the kerosene (instead of burning liquid kerosene) and deliver the pressurized kerosene vapor to the mantle. Kerosene has more energy, drop for drop, than propane. Additional energy translates into more light.  New lanterns are now being shipped with 3 350 candlepower mantles plus 3 500 candlepower mantles.

What's Included?

  1. Butterfly brand #826/828 Kerosene Pressure Lantern
  2. Removable white-painted steel shade
  3. OEM Parts Packet (wrench, 3 350CP mantles, several parts) 


This lantern is a copy of a lantern original made by the Germans and used in World War 1.  It has a lot of moving parts.  Like all other brands of pressurized kerosene lanterns, the more you understand about the process of how the lantern works, the better able you will be to use the lantern skillfully.  We include detailed instructions on how to light the lantern, plus some hints on how to troubleshoot problems.  We also carry a huge inventory of parts and we sell a parts kit that should keep your lantern running for years.


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