Qty 6 - 20 Travel Paper Soap Sheets (120 total)

Travel paper soap sheets - 6 plastic-cased packs of 20  

  • Paper soap in travel packets.
  • Size - 2-3/4 x 1- 3/4 x 11/16 in.
  • 20 paper soap sheets in each travel pack (120 total)
  • Dimension: 2- 7/32 x 1- 7/16 x 0.15mm.
  • Dissolves in water
  • Biodegradable sheets

$3.00  $1.50
Save: 50% off
Qty 10 - Disposable Dust Masks, 160 GSM Fabric

• 10 Pc Disposible Dust Masks
• Non-Woven, 160 GSM Fabric
• Bendable Metal Nose Band for a More Comfortable Fit
• Single Strap Elastic Band
• Convenient & Easy to Use
• Can be Worn with Glasses or Goggles
• Provides Resistance Against House Hold Dust & Non-Toxic Pollutants
• Great for Gardening, Mowing, Household Cleaning, Machine Shop Etc

$3.99  $2.00
Save: 50% off
Qty 2 Pair Toe Warmer, Lasts 8-10 Hours

Each package contains two wrapped 2.5" L x 3 3/4" H toe warmer, with an expiration date printed on each package. Continuous, quick long lasting 8 plus hours of warmness.
Creates instant heat with toe warmers.
Easy to use simply open the package and expose toe warmers to air.
No need to shake just place warmers over the tip of your toes.
These warmers provide safe, natural heat, so you can enjoy the outdoors all year long.
The toe warmers are ultra thin, have a rounded toe and are designed for optimal comfort in boots and shoes.
Convenient to carry with you to sporting events, outside activities, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, bird watching, walking, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc.
Great for construction workers, swap meet vendors, or for any other activity that exposes you to cold weather conditions.
Keep in your car emergency kit, emergency survival kit and home emergency kit for winter emergencies!
Toe air activated warmers may also be used for focused soothing heat therapy for cold, sore hands, fingers and toes.
Find heat therapy relief from arthritis, raynaud’s, scleroderma, lupus, fibromyalgia or poor circulation.
These pocket sized toe warmers are non-toxic and odorless.
Ingredients: iron, water, vermiculite, activated carbon, and salt.
All natural materials providing safe, soothing heat.

• Individually Packaged ( 2Pc Pack)
• Adhesive Backing
• 8 Plus Hours of Continuous Warmth
• Fits most Shoes
• Price is for TWO Pairs

$2.00  $1.00
Save: 50% off
Qty 4 Air Activated Hand Warmers with 10 Plus Hours Heat

Air activated hand warmer are single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your hands warm when the temperature gets cold. These Warmers provide safe, natural heat, so you can enjoy the great outdoors during those harsh winter months. Hand Warmers can be stored easily when you're ready to use them and fit inside your pocket, jacket, pants, purse or gloves to provide long-lasting, Soothing warmth. Hand Warmers are great for any occasion where long-lasting heat is desired. Use our heat packs while outdoors camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, working or for any occasion when you need to warm your hands. Portable heat in the palm of your hand, hand Warmers are standard equipment when the weather is cold use outdoors when the weather is cold while jogging, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, camping, hiking and more hand Warmers are great for any occasion where long-lasting heat for your hands is needed provide 10 Plus hours of Soothing warmth to your hands when the weather is cold pocket size 2" x 3-1/2"

• Individually Packaged
• 10 Plus Hours of Heat
• Reaches Temp. Up To 155°F
• Air Activated
• Odorless & Non-Toxic
• Environmentally Safe

• Price is for FOUR warmers

$2.00  $1.00
Save: 50% off

Rechargeable 5 Watt Flashlight Kit

This is the PERFECT flashlight for just walking around outside at night.  It's just the right brightness, it has a very easy to use zoom feature (from spot to flood), it includes a rechargeable Li-on battery, and it has accessories such as the orange cone for directing traffic.  Best of all, the Charger is built into the unit, so you don't have to remove the battery to charge it.  This is the flashlight I've been using for years, and I'm offering it to you at less than half price until they are sold out.

• 3 Watt
• Dimensions: 6” x 1 3/8” Dia.
• 120 Lumens
• 3 Stage Switch:
- Half Brightness
- Full Brightness
- Strobe
• Operating Time: 3-4 Hrs.
• Full Re-Charge: 4-5 Hrs.
• 2 Power Options:
- 3AAA Batteries : Adapter Included ( Batteries Not Included)
- Rechargeable Battery 1200mAH 3.7V ( Battery is Included)
• Set Includes:
(1) Zoom Focus Ring
(2) Filter Ring with 4 Colored Filters
(3) 6” Orange Way Wand Attachment
(4) Rechargeable 1200mAh 3.7V
(5) 3AAA Battery Housing
(6) USB Charger
(7) Car Charger
• Aluminum Material
• 4” Lanyard
• Gift Box
• Great for Home, Office, Automobiles, Emergencies. Camping, Outdoor Activities Etc

$19.95  $9.95
Save: 50% off
200 Lumen/ 3 Watt Energy Efficient COB LED Headlamp (Green)

• 3 Watt Super Bright COB  Bulbs
• 200 Lumen Flood Light
• COB LED 3 Stage Switch: Full, Half & Blink
• Plastic Body
• Energy Efficient
• Green & Black Pivoting Head
• Supportive Crown & Adjustable Elastic Head Strap
• Requires (3) AAA Batteries (Batteries not Included)

$8.99  $3.99
Save: 56% off
Seed Sprouter - 3 Tier Slow Drip - Wider Trays

This seed sprouter has 3 levels for seeds (all the same, or different types) plus a bottom reservoir to catch the water and a top to keep the sprouts fresh.  What's unique about our sprouter is that the water moves very slowly from tier 1 to 2 to 3.  It takes about 24 hours to move from one tier to the next.  This allows the seeds to get a thorough soaking first, and it delays the start of the next tier, so your sprouts don't all come in on the same day.

Prepare your seeds and put some in each of the 3 tiers.  Then pour 2.5 cups of cool water into the top and cover.  You can sprout them in your refrigerator or on the countertop, out of bright sunlight.  To clean, rinse and sponge in cool to lukewarm soapy water.  Do not wash in hot water, as this may cause the plastic trays to warp.  Not dishwasher safe.

Page down for more photos.  Dimensions are 7 1/4" wide by 5 7/8" tall (including lid).  Our sprouter has room for 46% more sprouts per tier than standard 6" wide sprouters.

$15.00  $7.99
Save: 47% off
X-Large SS Filter Body - 4.5 Gal

This product is our X-Large Sized stainless steel water filter for a family of 6 or more. 

  • ​Holds up to 4.5 gallons of filtered water
  • Made with high quality #304 Stainless Steel
  • 24.75 inches tall when in use
  • Height of Bottom is 12.4 inches
  • Width is 11.1 inches
  • Stored Height is 16.25 inches
  • Accepts up to 8 ceramic or carbon block filters either 7" or 9" length
  • Recommended for family size of 6 or more
  • Comes with 8 rubber plugs

​Filters can be purchased separately.  Filters can be purchased separately.   For comparison size, the XLarge size is pictured on the far left in the photo showing all sizes below.

$150.00  $125.00
Save: 17% off

20k BTU Blue Flame Vent Free Heater

Clearance-priced.  Sold without manufacturer warranty.  St. Paul Mercantile will provide a 30-day warranty.

Blue-Flame Heaters distribute heat evenly throughout your room.  This heater's cheerful blue-flame is visible from behind the safety glass.

Design Features

• Economical:  99.9% efficient
• Dimensions: 19 1/4" wide, 8" deep, 23.5" tall • No outside duct or chimney needed!
• Space saving design without sacrificing beauty
• Models available in natural gas, propane or selected models equipped with “Fuel Exchange System”*
• O.D.S. (Oxygen Depletion Sensor) with automatic shut-off • No electricity required
• Operational controls available in Manual style (1 to 3 Heat Settings) or Automatic Thermostatic style (Variable Heat Settings) • Push button “Matchless” igniter
• Wall mount bracket included

$199.00  $119.40
Save: 40% off
Magnesium Fire Starter

Magnesium fire starters have been used by the US Armed Forces for decades. Magnesium, in solid form, is very stable and safe. Tiny shavings of magnesium, however, can easily be ignited with a single spark. Magnesium burns at temps up to 5400 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an excellent material to use to start fires, even if your kindling is wet.

To use, just scrape the edge of the magnesium block with the included serrated striker (or use a knife). Do this many times until you've made a little pile of shavings about the size of a dime. Surround this pile with tinder, kindling or dry grass. If you can't find tinder, tear off strips of clothing or even small bits of rubber from tires. The shavings are ignited by rubbing the serrated striker down the flint that is attached to the side of the magnesium block. This produces a small white-hot fire that quickly ignites the tinder to get your fire going.  It is good for at least 100 fires.

• Dimensions: 3” x 1”
• Solid Magnesium Body
• Flint Striking Rod
• Serrated Metal Striker included
• Small & Convenient
• Ball Keychain Included
• Blister Card

$6.00  $2.99
Save: 50% off
Collapsible Lightweight Grill

Weighing in at less than a pound, this charcoal or wood grill is a convenient alternative to larger, less portable stoves.

Folding frame, with attachable legs and grill top makes this grill quick and easy to assemble or fold up when you're done.


• Steel Material
• 4Pc, 4-3/4" Removable Legs
• 1Pc, 9-3/4" X 10" X 19/64" Grill Top
• Total Weight of Grill : 0.75 LBS
• Maximum Weight on Grill : 6.5 LBS
• Compact & Light weight
• Quicks Assembly
• Folds Completely Fast

Folding Frame: 
  - Open Size : 9-1/2" X 9-1/2" X 4-1/2"
  - Folded Size: 9-1/2" X 9-1/2" X 3/8"

$9.99  $5.99
Save: 40% off
11 Multi-Functional Survival Tool

• 11-IN-1 Functions:
(1) Saw Blade
(2) Butterfly Screw Wrench
(3) Can Opener
(4) Knife Edge
(5) Bottle Cap Opener
(6) Slotted Screwdriver
(7) Ruler
(8) 4 Position Wrench
(9) Direction Ancillary Wrench
(10) 2 Position Wrench
(11) Keychain Hole
• Dimensions: 2- 5/8” x 1- 3/4”
• Plastic Sleeve
• Credit Card Size Fits Easily into Wallets

$2.95  $2.25
Save: 24% off

14-Inch Rambo Type Survival Knife

Features 3/16" thick blade; storage compartment in zinc alloy handle that holds bandage, tweezers, safety pin, razor blade, fishing line, pencil, thread, needle, and compass; 7" skeletal frame knife with 2-5/8" blade fits in molded sheath with large knife. Measures 14-1/8" overall, with 7-3/4" blade. Gift boxed.    

$34.95  $24.95
Save: 29% off
Pocket Knife with Fork and Spoon

This pocket knife includes a detachable spoon and fork.  It's a lot like the one I had when I was a Boy Scout.  I've looked at other similar knives, but the fork and spoon on those knives are not detacheable, which is why I've chosen this one to sell.

• 6-IN-1 Functions:
(1) Spoon
(2) Fork
(3) Knife Blade
(4) Bottle Opener
(5) Can Opener
(6) Cork Screw
• Plastic Body
• Green Color
• Blade Length: 3- 1/2”
• Closed Length: 5- 1/2”
• Open Length: 10- 1/2”
• Nylon Pouch with Belt Loop Included

$7.99  $3.99
Save: 50% off
3-Pc Game Processing Saw and Knife Set

  • Saw with 6-1/8" Blade
  • Skinner Lockback that Measures 4-5/8" Closed, 7-7/8" Open
  • 7-1/2" Bird Knife with 3-1/2" Fixed Blade
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Soft-Touch Rubber Handles

$29.95  $14.95
Save: 50% off

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