MEGA Lantern Kit - 5 Lanterns plus Accessories - Save $220!

Price: $399.00

  • Model: 828-Lantern-Mega-Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs

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QTY 5 - Butterfly Model 826/828 Pressurized Kerosene Lantern
​Plus $121 in Extras

Want to light up the whole compound?  Or maybe get some friends together for a group buy?  I have lots of lanterns and I'd like you to get some of them at a big discount.  The lanterns sell for $99 each.  With this deal, for about the same price as 4 lanterns, you get a 5th lantern free plus $121 in free accessories.  That's more than $200 in savings!

What's Included?

  1. Qty 5 Butterfly brand #826/828 Kerosene Pressure Lantern
    ​Each lantern comes with a steel shade, an OEM Parts Packet, squeeze bottle and funnel.
  2. One Big Parts Kit (sells for $34 on this website)
  3. ​5 Dozen extra mantles (sell for $11 per dozen)
  4. ​2 Spare Glass Globes (sell for $10 each)
  5. 1 Schrader valve adapter to use air pump to pressurize your lantern (sell for $12)


This lantern is a copy of a lantern original made by the Germans and used in World War 1.  It has a lot of moving parts.  Like all other brands of pressurized kerosene lanterns, the more you understand about the process of how the lantern works, the better able you will be to use the lantern skillfully.  We include detailed instructions on how to light the lantern, plus some hints on how to troubleshoot problems.  We also carry a huge inventory of parts and we sell a parts kit that should keep your lantern running for years.


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