#2417 Triple Burner Stove with Legs

Price: $150.00

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  • Model: 2417
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • Manufactured by: Butterfly

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Triple Burner Kerosene Cook Stove for Sale - Model #2417

This stove is essentially the model #2416 stove, but with 3 burners instead of 2.

I have received a very limited number of #2417 triple burner stoves.  For a description of how the stove works, read about the model #2416 and just picture it with a third burner.  It is priced below retail at only $150, plus you can buy a second one for only $100 (total price $250 instead of $150).

This stove is NOT assembled, but assembly is straightforward.  The wicks that come to me from the manufacturer contain asbestos (asbestos wicks are still the wicks of choice in most of the world because they last a very long time).  For that reason, I replace the manufacturer's wicks with fiberglass wicks.  If you prefer to receive the asbestos wicks, I will send them to you with your order at your request, instead of substituting fiberglass wicks.  Just don't give them to the kids to play with.  Fiberglass wicks will generally last about a year with daily use.  Asbestos wicks can last for several years.

Dimensions (approx)

Stove is about 30" tall, 10" deep and 32" wide.  Counting the fuel bottle, the width is about 40".  Once I assemble one, I will update this page with proper dimensions.

Shipping Cost

This is a big stove and comes in a 40" long box that is heavy and is considered oversize by UPS, so shipping cost is up there.  I've listed the weight at about 10 pounds less per stove so my website will compute a more reasonable shipping rate (shipping calculator only understands weight, not box size) for you and I will pick up the extra costs. 

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