Magnesium Fire Starter

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  • Model: FS374
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Magnesium fire starters have been used by the US Armed Forces for decades. Magnesium, in solid form, is very stable and safe. Tiny shavings of magnesium, however, can easily be ignited with a single spark. Magnesium burns at temps up to 5400 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it an excellent material to use to start fires, even if your kindling is wet.

To use, just scrape the edge of the magnesium block with the included serrated striker (or use a knife). Do this many times until you've made a little pile of shavings about the size of a dime. Surround this pile with tinder, kindling or dry grass. If you can't find tinder, tear off strips of clothing or even small bits of rubber from tires. The shavings are ignited by rubbing the serrated striker down the flint that is attached to the side of the magnesium block. This produces a small white-hot fire that quickly ignites the tinder to get your fire going.  It is good for at least 100 fires.

• Dimensions: 3” x 1”
• Solid Magnesium Body
• Flint Striking Rod
• Serrated Metal Striker included
• Small & Convenient
• Ball Keychain Included
• Blister Card

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