Oven with Heat Tempered Glass - Unassembled

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  • Model: 2421
  • Shipping Weight: 12lbs
  • Manufactured by: Butterfly

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This item is shipped UNASSEMBLED (picture shows assembled oven).  Assembly is moderately difficult.  We sell this same oven assembled for $10 more.

I don't know how many times I've heard people ask "How can I bake bread if the power is off?" This is how, with a Butterfly Oven. You just put this on top of anything that's hot - a camp stove, a wood stove, whatever, and you bake. It's black, has two adjustable shelves, handles for carrying it, heat reflectors along all sides and the top, and a door with a glass window and a thermometer. The bottom is open and the lower shelf has a heat shield underneath it to direct the heat towards the sides of the oven.

The Butterfly oven is no ordinary camping oven. It is approximately a 13" cube. It is very sturdy and does not fold up. Inside dimensions are 10." high, 11" deep and 12" wide. The door opening is smaller, so for pan sizing, the door opening is 11" wide and 9" high. It will accomodate a 10x10 pan, which will allow a little air space around the sides for more even baking.

Other camping ovens on the market are not as sturdy and do not have the heat reflectors and air insulation pockets that the Butterfly camp oven has. This results in more even internal temperatures which results in a more pleasant baking experience. Assembly (somewhat difficult) required. (We also offer this oven ASSEMBLED for $10 more).

Now with Heat Tempered Glass

Ovens shipped on/after 12/12/2011 include our new heat tempered glass window. St. Paul Mercantile imports the heat-tempered glass and installs the new glass on every oven sold. We are the ONLY supplier, worldwide, that sells this oven with heat-tempered glass.

If you purchased an oven from St. Paul Mercantile in the past, and you wish to upgrade your glass, we will send you the glass at no charge. We simply ask that you pay the $6 shipping cost. We will check our database to see that you did in fact order an oven sometime in the past before shipping the kit.

If you purchased your oven elsewhere, or if you simply want an extra glass, the kit price is $15 plus $6 shipping.

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