High Temp Washer for 2412 Stove

Price: $2.00

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  • Model: 2412-HRWasher
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05lbs
  • Manufactured by: Butterfly

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The Butterfly 2412 Brass Pressure stove comes with aluminum washers for the junctions above and below the spirit cup. The washers compress slightly when tightened to form a better seal. If you disassemble your burner and then reassemble it using the same washers, the washers may not seal properly.

Price is for 1 washer (purchase 2 washers to replace the aluminum washers on your burner).

The replacement washers we sell are the highest quality washers available in the world. They are manufactured in the Highlands of Scotland by a small company that manufactures high quality, special purpose washers to industries around the world. The specifications for these washers were the following:

  • They must withstand the high heat produced by the stove
  • They must not contain asbestos (most high-temp washers are made with asbestos)
  • They must compress to form a tight seal
  • They must be reusable many times

These washers have been in production since 2004 and have been extensively field-tested with many favorable testimonials. They are robust, and only need to be tightened sufficiently to achieve a gas-tight seal. In many cases, hand-tightening is sufficient. The washers are thicker and more compressible than traditional washers, which makes them particularly useful on burners that have difficulty getting a good seal.

Compatibility With Other Brands

These washers will fit the vast majority of 1.75 and 2 pint capacity stoves constructed over the past 100 years. For example, the Primus 51 and 54, Optimus 45 and 48, Svea 105 and 106 and any other stoves that use the same burners, such as the Primus, Optimus and Svea Nos. 1 and 5. The washers will not work on 1-pint stoves such as the Primus 210, Optimus 00, Svea 121, etc.

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