Pressure Lantern and Parts

St. Paul Mercantile is the USA Distributor for the Butterfly Brand Kerosene Pressure Lantern #828 and parts. We carry most replacement parts for the Butterfly brand 826 and 828 Pressure lanterns.  We have the OEM Parts Kit (the packet that comes with a new lantern), plus a large parts kit that will keep your lantern running for many years.  We also sell mantles and replacement globes.

If you need a part for your lantern and it is not listed on the website, contact us.  We keep a few spare lanterns around just for parts, so we will do our best to meet your needs.

828-PartsKitBig Parts Kit for Lanterns

Big Parts Kit for Lanterns

This parts package would cost over $50 if the parts were ordered separately.  It includes enough parts to keep your lantern operating for years.  Kit Includes ( Note: picture is not current, list below is correct.) 1 OEM Parts Packet 4...
828-NozzCeramic Nozzle

Ceramic Nozzle

The nozzle distributes the vaporized kerosene throughout the mantle.  The mantles attach to the nozzle.  They are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, but if dropped or handled roughly, they will break.  
828-PumpCapChrome Pump Chamber Cap

Chrome Pump Chamber Cap

This is the chrome cap that holds the pump in place so it stays centered while pumping. 
828-PicksCleaning Needle 3-Pack

Cleaning Needle 3-Pack

You get 3 hand-held cleaning needles to clean the nipple manually.  These picks also work well with the #2412 Pressure Stove, as the needle is slightly smaller than the picks that come with the stove, so they will fit through the venturi...
828-MantlesDozen 500CP Mantles

Dozen 500CP Mantles

One package containing 12 individually wrapped genuine Butterfly brand 500CP (candle power) mantles.  Note that Butterfly no longer manufacturers 350CP mantles and recommends the 500CP mantles for the 828 lantern. Mantles are Slightly...
828-ExcenterExcenter (Brass Linkage)

Excenter (Brass Linkage)

Don't ask me why they call it an excenter.  I don't know.  It includes the red on/off knob, nut, plus the brass linkage for opening/closing the valve.
828-FlatNeedleFlat Needle for 828 Lantern

Flat Needle for 828 Lantern

The flat needle is extremely important to the operation of the #828 lantern.  As you turn the red knob, the needle is moved through the nipple at the top of the lantern, cleaning out any obstruction that may have lodged there.  One...
828-GMKGlobe & Dozen Mantles Kit

Globe & Dozen Mantles Kit

Save $3 by purchasing a replacement glass globe and a dozen mantles together.
828-LanternKerosene Pressure Lantern #828

Kerosene Pressure Lantern #828

Butterfly Model 826/828 Pressurized Kerosene Lantern The Butterfly pressure lantern is an extremely bright lantern that can light up a very large room. It is as bright as 3-4 100-watt light bulbs (using 500 CP mantles, included). They attain their...
828-Lantern-SpecialKerosene Pressure Lantern #828 - Special Offer

Kerosene Pressure Lantern #828 - Special Offer

Buy a Lantern and Get a FREE Globe, FREE Dozen Mantles and FREE Schrader Valve Adapter - Special Limited Time Offer The Butterfly pressure lantern is an extremely bright lantern that can light up a very large room. It is as bright as 3-4 100-watt...
828-Lantern-Mega-KitMEGA Lantern Kit - 5 Lanterns plus Accessories - Save $220!

MEGA Lantern Kit - 5 Lanterns plus Accessories - Save $220!

QTY 5 - Butterfly Model 826/828 Pressurized Kerosene Lantern ​Plus $121 in Extras Want to light up the whole compound?  Or maybe get some friends together for a group buy?  I have lots of lanterns and I'd like you to get some of...
828-PPktOEM Parts Packet

OEM Parts Packet

Packet Includes: • 3 500cp Mantles • 1 Lantern Wrench • 1 Cleaning Pick • 1 Brass nut with nipple/jet • 1 Flat needle (cleans the nipple/jet) • 1 rubber washer for filler cap/guage • 1 rubber O-ring for pump

New Products For February - Pressure Lantern and Parts

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