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St. Paul Mercantile is the USA Distributor for the Butterfly brand of kerosene products.  All of the Butterfly products we carry are manufactured in Indonesia.  These kerosene stoves and oven are sold all over the world, primarily in countries that have limited or unreliable electric power.  We import them for our off-grid customers, preppers, and families that simply want to have a way to cook if the electricity goes out.

These products are not manufactured nor packaged to USA expectations.  We do repack many of the stoves so they survive the shipping process, and we double box all the stoves.  Your stove or oven may have small scratches, smudges, or even a rust spot.  The paint may not be perfect.  There might be an oily film on some of the parts. Nevertheless, these stoves are the best available, as no first-world countries manufacture them.

Butterfly stoves have not been tested by any third party certification agency and as such do not carry anyone's stamp of approval or safety certification.  They have not been approved or certified for use indoors.  Some of our customers do use them indoors, and because using any type of fueled stove inside creates a fire hazard, we recommend appropriate precautions by taken.  Provide extra ventilation.  Have a fire extinguisher nearby (never use water to extinguish a kerosene fire).  Do not leave a burning stove unattended.  Do not use kerosene stoves as room heaters. Keep children away from operating stoves. 

828-FlatNeedleFlat Needle for 828 Lantern

Flat Needle for 828 Lantern

The flat needle is extremely important to the operation of the #828 lantern.  As you turn the red knob, the needle is moved through the nipple at the top of the lantern, cleaning out any obstruction that may have lodged there.  One...
828-PicksCleaning Needle 3-Pack

Cleaning Needle 3-Pack

You get 3 hand-held cleaning needles to clean the nipple manually.  These picks also work well with the #2412 Pressure Stove, as the needle is slightly smaller than the picks that come with the stove, so they will fit through the venturi...
828-PumpCapChrome Pump Chamber Cap

Chrome Pump Chamber Cap

This is the chrome cap that holds the pump in place so it stays centered while pumping. 
2412-FlameFlame Ring for 2412 Stove

Flame Ring for 2412 Stove

Genuine replacement flame ring for top of 2412 Burner.
2412-HRWasherHigh Temp Washer for 2412 Stove

High Temp Washer for 2412 Stove

The Butterfly 2412 Brass Pressure stove comes with aluminum washers for the junctions above and below the spirit cup. The washers compress slightly when tightened to form a better seal. If you disassemble your burner and then reassemble it using the...
2412-NippleNipple for 2412 Brass Stove

Nipple for 2412 Brass Stove

Genuine replacement nipple for burner on Butterfly 2412 Brass Pressure Stove.  While it is possible to remove and install the nipple with needle-nosed pliars, Nipple Spanner/Wrench Special Tool is recommended.
2412-SpiritSpirit Cup for 2412 Stove

Spirit Cup for 2412 Stove

Genuine replacement spirit cup for Butterfly 2412 Brass Pressure Stove
828-NozzCeramic Nozzle

Ceramic Nozzle

The nozzle distributes the vaporized kerosene throughout the mantle.  The mantles attach to the nozzle.  They are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, but if dropped or handled roughly, they will break.  
10WicksetWickset 10-Wick to Fit Models 2641 and 2648 10-wick Stoves

Wickset 10-Wick to Fit Models 2641 and 2648 10-wick Stoves

One set of 10 cotton wicks to fit models 2641 and 2648 10-wick kerosene stoves.  Wicks generally last around six months with regular use. Quantity discounts.
16WicksetWickset 16-Wick for Model 2487

Wickset 16-Wick for Model 2487

One set of 16 cotton wicks to fit model 2487 16-wick kerosene stove.  Wicks generally last around six months with regular use. Quantity discounts.
FibwickFlat Fiberglass Wick for 2414, 2416

Flat Fiberglass Wick for 2414, 2416

This wick is for the Butterfly brand #2414 and #2416 stoves.  It also works with models #2413, #2415, #2417, #2418 and #2419.  It is a tight-weave fiberglass wick, 7/8" wide and 10 3/8" long. 
22WicksetWickset 22-Wick to Fit Models 2698 and A822 2-wick Stove

Wickset 22-Wick to Fit Models 2698 and A822 2-wick Stove

One set of 22 cotton wicks to fit models 2698 and A822 2-wick kerosene stoves. Wicks generally last around six months with regular use. Quantity discounts.
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