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Double Burner Stove
Two separately adjustable burners, fuel bottle in center. (Read more below.)

1 for $115.00 + 14.00 shipping
2 for $207.00 + 25.20 shipping (10% off)
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Item #2418
Dimensions30 inches wide, 10 inches tall, 12 inches deep
  • Best-Selling kerosene stove in the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.
  • 1.8 quart fuel bottle, uses less than 5 ounces of kerosene per hour (per burner)
  • Fuel is fed from fuel bottle through a pipe, then a valve, into a burner.
  • The valve controls the amount of fuel that gets to the wick, and in turn, the flame height and heat output.
  • Bottle can be removed and refueled while the stove is in use (the cap has a spring-loaded shutoff)
  • Maximum output is 7,000 btus
  • Runs about 12 hours on one bottle of fuel (one burner)
  • Uses a flat, woven, fiberglass wick. St. Paul Mercantile is the only source for fiberglass wicks for this stove. The manufacturer uses asbestos wicks for this stove but they are not legal in the United States.
  • The Butterfly Oven works perfectly on this stove because the bottom of the oven is designed to fit over the steel burner frame to stabilize the oven.
  • Stove comes with one wick - extra wicks available at very competitive prices.
  • This Stove requires assembly.
  • This stove needs to be used on a flat surface for proper operation.
The #2418 Double-Burner Stove

Fuel Bottle with Spring Loaded Cap Wick Partially Installed Wick Completely Installed


Included as part of

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